What is Fiverr? Making Money Online with Fiverr (for Beginner, Newbie)

What is Fiverr, Making Money Online with Fiverr (for Beginner, Newbie)
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In this article, we shall mention a quite popular online money-making website, which is Fiverr.com. It’s useful for beginner, newbie who start earning money on the internet.

This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online that we already introduced before. Apart from using services of Fiverr, you can also make money with Fiverr rapidly. We will see:

What is Fiverr?

How can you make money with Fiverr?

How can you use Fiverr’s services?

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr (Fiverr.com) is known as the biggest online marketplace in the world (1 network freelance). Every transaction here starts at $5. Actually, many people thought Fiverr = “Five” + “rr”. But that’s not right. It’s “Fiver” (not Five – 5 dollar) with a single extra “r”.“Fiver” means a 5 dollar bill. And extra “r” next to “Fiver” might be something to make it stand out more like brand-specific thing.

At Fiverr, you can buy and sell services, which cost only $5 that’s reasonable. On Fiverr there are millions of services which are created by individuals or a group of people. However, Fiverr doesn’t create or provide any services, instead it acts as a mediator between freelancers and buyers.

Main services Fiverr provides:

  • Design logos, banners, infographic, t-shirts
  • Boost Youtube views, increase website’s traffic
  • Write and translate
  • Edit HTML, CSS or fix website errors
  • Make advertising videos, introduce products
  • Write ebooks
  • SEO/backlink
  • etc

The special aspect of Fiverr is that the product will start at the price of $5

However this is the minimum price for a product. Depending on provided services, you may encounter higher starting price: $15, $20, we even saw a product with a starting price of $10,000 (Pro Services)

Fiverr Pro Servies

Fiverr uses PayPal and Payoneer, which are main payment methods, thus withdrawing is fast and convenient.

Example of a basic order on Fiverr:

Basic Order Fiverr

With the above service, sellers set the price of $5 for Basic package with 2 day delivery time (planned time to finish the task). With the price of $5, it seems to be cheap and beneficial for buyers. However it’s just the starting price – Basic package’s price.

It means sellers can sell Standard, Premium package with a higher price (as you see it’s $15 and $30).

Gig Packages Fiverr

Fiverr are for whom?

Fiverr is the open marketplace for everyone around the world, as long as they can get access to the internet, You can make use of provide services from Fiverr and have millions of methods of making money with Fiverr.
Not only is the price reasonable for sellers, Fiverr also creates the job for hundred thousands of freelancers.

– You are a buyer

There are innumerable services that you can find at Fiverr. You only need to type in the keyword at the searching box and choose. If you like it then you can make an order immediately.

In the event that you require higher price, you can describe your need and of course each need comes with a different price. Based on that, they provide services according to your need.

You should buy services from trustworthy sellers with good selling profiles. And you should also check the rank, responses, average response time, net income and current category of the seller, in order to have the best examination of the vendor’s service.

Seller Reviews, Feedback Fiverr

You should contact the seller before buying to make sure they can provide everything that you demand.

Fiverr charges you $1 for every purchase below $20. When above $20, you will be charged 5% of the total money that you have to pay.

Order Completed Fiverr

– You are a seller (make money with Fiverr)

Every service or product or Fiverr is called 1 gig. Everything you need to do is create a Gig. If the gig is accepted, it will display on Fiverr below the selected category.

Example of Gigs:

  • I will make an impressive logo with just $5
  • I will increase your video views by 5000 with just $5
  • I will make an introduction video for you with just $5
  • I will translate your 1000 article to Chinese
  • I will hold a board with your name and take a photo for $5
  • etc

When someone accepts your gig, you will be notified and Fiverr will charge from the buyer first. When successfully transact, your account will receive 80% of the package’s price that you create.

Example: when you purchase a gig of $10, seller’s account will receive $9 after being charged $1 by Fiverr.

Thus is not the only expense that sellers have to pay. When you withdraw from seller’s account to PayPal, you will be charged $1 (or 2%) every time you withdraw below $50, and withdrawing from PayPal to your bank account will also be charged depending on different countries.

Besides, you cannot create innumerable gigs. The number of gigs that are allowed to create depends on your level at Fiverr. For beginners, they are only allowed to create 7 gigs.

When posting a gig, you should compare with other likewise service providers and use it as a reference. You should also pay attention to the keywords used in the title and how they describe their gigs.

Fiverr allows users to add more gigs. This is simply a tool to earn more money when you perform some additional tasks.

Example: when you charge $5 for a 500 words article and provide another gig of $10 for 1000 words. You can increase $5, $10 delivery cost in a day.

– Level system at Fiverr
Fiverr has a Level measuring system that display fame and quality, as shown below:

  • New Seller: new account, just start to sell
  • Level One: Active for 20 days, make 10 orders at least and be well rated by many people
  • Level Two: 50 orders within two months and of course positive reviews + stars
  • Top Rated Level: this is the highest level, you have nothing to worry about when ordering from sellers with such a title, this title is manually given by Fiverr staffs.

Every time you are leveled up you will be more favored and provided more functions to earn more. During the time you make money with Fiverr, avoid negative reviews and votes from customers to avoid your account’s fame being affected.

– Why is Fiverr a good website for making money online?

  • There are many supports for newbies
  • There are no fees for upgrading membership or other kinds of fees, etc
  • Cheap gig => Many customers => Higher selling opportunity
  • Simple and easy to use theme
  • No cheating because customers have to deposit before ordering

– Is it easy to make money with Fiverr?

Yes or No depending on your aptitude and skill. This is hard to tell. You can make hundreds, thousands or even ten thousands of USD if you have a firm strategy of making money from Fiverr.

Additionally, you have to be serious with this. Fiverr provides many opportunities for you to have services of reasonable price and make money at home

How to make money from Fiverr?

Fiverr works based on a principle “there’s supply, there’s demand”

If you have any skills that are demanded by others, you can make money with Fiverr. Firstly you need to know what you can do the best on Fiverr. You can specify what skills are HOT and most ordered on Fiverr.

Then, you learn from sellers who provide likewise service but have more and better transactions. If you believe you can provide a better service then you are 50% successful.

You can apply various methods of online marketing to find the very first customers. Your fame will gradually increase and there will also be more customers

Example: if you have knowledge of WordPress you can provide WordPress-related services like creating a website, fixing website’s errors. Or if you have a skill of translating, you can create a gig providing translation service. Is it simple?

WordPress Gigs Fiverr

Required skills:

  • What you can do the best?
  • PayPal, Payoneer account to receive payment
  • Hardworking, desire to learn and not lazy

If you’re great then you can absolutely earn from hundreds to thousands of dollars each month if you select the right market and provide high quality services. You can see many sellers have hundreds of orders everyday on Fiverr.

For example, with an order of $5, if you receive 50 orders per day, you’ll get $250 per day. That hasn’t included bonus features when you level up, which are quite profitable.

What are you waiting for? Joining Fiverr now and earn your first dollar online by click here (sign up with Fiverr for FREE).


We don’t guarantee that making money with Fiverr shall provide you a lot of money. Because it depends on how you understand and apply the knowledge. You can make money from Fiverr anytime and it’s never too late. The importance is that you prepare necessary skills to serve the needs of customers.

Like many other freelance networks, you have to work hard to make money (if you’re a newbie then you need to try your best). Your service has to be distinct, or cheaper than other wigs that have many votes and stars.

We hope through thus article, the beginners have a better understanding of Fiverr and start to have ideas of making money with Fiverr.

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