Challenges and Methods of Making Money on YouTube (Monetization Policy Updated)

Challenges and Methods of Making Money on Youtube (Monetization Policy Updated)
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On February 20th, 2018 YouTube changed their monetization policy. And you have to do more to earn money. There are several challenges when making money on YouTube and methods, solutions for that.

This is also one of the legitimate ways to earn money online as mentioned in our articles. Making money from YouTube has been existing for a long time and become popular in the recent years. Two years ago, it was very easy to make money from YouTube but it is not the case at the moment. Below I would like to share with you some of the knowledge and experience of mine when making money on YouTube.

YouTube removes advertisements on the channel that doesn’t meet the requirements

YouTube is currently removing advertisements on the channel that doesn’t meet their requirements. For new users, it is a must to wait until the requirements are fulfilled, then they can make money. For the old channel that is running advertisements, in the event that they don’t satisfy the demand of Google until February 2018, advertising will be stopped on their channel as well. However, they can continue make money again provided that they fulfill the requirements.

Advertisers have to face up with many videos with bad content quality. Rubbish videos with a sole purpose of fishing for views, which are inappropriate for advertisers. There are sensitive videos as well, even related to politics or anti-government propaganda. Therefore, during these times, a variety of big advertisers stopped cooperating with YouTube. The decision was made when rumor has that advertisements appear with sensitive videos. YouTube immediately removed 50.000 advertisements on violating channels, deleted 270 accounts with a great number of subscribers and views. And 150.000 videos that are sensitive to children (or prohibited displaying advertisements for profits) are removed also.

Specifically, YouTube brought out scores of new policies and removed the money making function from many YouTube Channels containing sensitive contents to children and other things:

  • Prohibiting channels that don’t meet the requirements from making money
  • Prohibiting children channels (uneducated, sexual) from making money
  • Prohibiting politically sensitive channels (for example North Korea) from making money
  • Prohibiting channels related to gambling from making money

YouTube removes advertisements on the channel that does not meet the requirements

Therefore, since YouTube exercised new policies, many big channels have been affected. According to statistics, 99% of the channels are unable to make over $100 per year. More than 90% of the channels cannot make more than $2.5 per month. As you can see, the number of channels that are able to make money is not considerable; it only makes up a small proportion.

YouTube is working with a special team to check the contents and no longer checks with algorithm like before. This results in difficulties when one wants to upload a video to YouTube (affect when you have copyright issues or use images inappropriately on YouTube, etc)

Furthermore, Google also has a plan of increasing the number of video censors in the program of Google Preferred. According to it, advertisers involved in Google Preferred has need to worry about such cases as Logan Paul. Because their advertisements will only turn up at the videos which censors find safe and appropriate.

Making money from YouTube is not easy anymore (Challenges)

You ever heard or read articles guiding you how to make money from YouTube. However not all of them tell the truth. Making money from YouTube requires a great amount of efforts. A lot of articles boast that it is able to make $1000-$3000 per month on YouTube. However the articles are actually copied from someone and re-shared.

Making money from YouTube requires that you compile the contents in a good way. Additionally, you must have a long-term plan. Just creating an account and uploading some videos cannot make money. Before making money from YouTube was already hard, now even much harder. Below we list several challenges:

1. YouTube updates new requirements (Monetization Policy Updated in February 20th, 2018)

New requirements of making money with Youtube

To cope with the situation that there are too many channels, YouTube updated the new policy on making money. If your YouTube channel meets these demands then you are able to make money (reach the following threshold):

  • Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your channels must be viewed at least 4,000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months

Do you see that? The two above conditions make it even more difficult. For new beginners, it is not easy to have 1000 subscribers. But if your channel already has 1000 subscribers, are you certain that your videos have such good quality that they are viewed 4000 hours per year.

2. Finding new ideas, content for your YouTube channel

Get idea for Youtube channel

This is the most difficult thing, which means you need to have videos with extraordinary ideas and attractive contents. Because until this time, there are a lot of videos on YouTube and most kinds of style, content, trend, theme have been exploited to make videos. Therefore, you have to be extraordinary.

3. Making money is harder due to slow increase in views

YouTube will only pay attention to channels with a great number of subscribers, videos with a lot of views. It is hard for advertisements to turn up at the videos with just a few views. In order to have videos with a great number of views and subscribers, you need to focus on interesting videos that you think viewers will like when they watch them.

4. Copyrighted issues of videos when making money from YouTube

Youtube Copyright NoticesThis is a common case, using other people’s video and uploading to your channel shall be warned of copyrights by the third side. Therefore, if you might be able to use some tricks to get rid of copyrights or use other people’s images to upload to YouTube. Then it will be more difficult now, even if the video is created by yourself but contains images or sounds that are copyrighted. If it is not a big case then YouTube will delete the video, otherwise it will delete your channel.

5. There are a great number of views, clicks on advertisements but not too much money

For different categories, YouTube divides your money to the third side as expenses. If you want to make more money on YouTube, opt for creating your channel and videos related to hot topics. Or target at the nation watching your videos. Your income from YouTube advertisements shall increase. Don’t complain about the small wages that you make. Having a lot of views and clicks is already a great thing to celebrate.

6. Will and patience

This is what you need to overcome. You shall not make a lot of profits without having some unique characteristics that catch people’s attention. The majority of us don’t have such a talent and idea that we can make money easily. Let us work with great will and patience. It will help you to overcome struggles at the beginning and develop the channel and increase the income afterwards.

Methods, solutions when you continue to make money on YouTube

Making money from the Internet is real and making money from YouTube is real as well. Google’s policy becomes stricter with a sole purpose of selecting good contents. If you still want to continue making money from YouTube then it is advisable to invest in everything and compile contents properly.

1. Develop contents

At every marketing channel, content is always considered the most important. The reality is that if the content is not good enough, not attractive enough, then it is unable to bring viewers back to your video. When your video is not widespread and has just a few views, it is inevitable that making money like some advertising videos is not possible.

2. Do SEO On-page

This means that you optimize your video to attract searching tools (YouTube, Google, etc)

  • Focus on the quality of the content: This is of greatest importance in SEO, if your content is boring, users will click then exit, resulting in Google viewing your videos as not qualitative and not putting your video at the top of searching results.
  • Optimize the title of the video: 50-70 characters for the best result, including keywords needed to SEO
  • Video size: At the current time, YouTube supports a function of publish videos with 16:9 wide-screen format, but it is recommended to set the 4:3 wide-screen format because the standard 4:3 is the targeted format of the searching and converting tools. it should be 720p resolution at least. Below are some standard sizes of videos on YouTube:
        • 2160p: 3840 x 2160
        • 1440p: 2560 x 1440
        • 1080p: 1920 x 1080
        • 720p: 1280 x 720
        • 480p: 854 x 480
        • 360p: 640 x 360
        • 240p: 426 x 240

    Youtube Video Size

  • Describe video: should include at least 1 URL in the first line of the description section (which links to the fan page, website, playlist or other videos of yours, etc), main keywords and optional keywords related to video content
  • Share and Spread: make your video playlist of the same topic as other popular videos. Comment on popular videos and attach a link accessing to your channel. Create a likewise video, similar to the popular videos but don’t copy title and description, etc, thus you have the chance of your video turning up as a hot-trend video. Share on social platforms, build up fan page.

Youtube Social Shared

3. Do SEO Off-page

Basically similar to website SEO, but you focus on backlinks tier and social backlinks. Maybe the definitions may seem strange to you but you can search on Google. Generally, SEO is a field related to almost everything on the Internet (if you want to develop online). The simplest thing is to share the videos all over social platforms in order that they can be widespread to people, views can increase, create a stable spreading speed. The more videos with many views you have, the simpler your goal of developing the channel becomes. Advertisements on your video will therefore be a lot more. Hence you can improve your ability to make money from the advertisements.

4. Generating new ideas for your YouTube channel.

If you are a beginner then make a habit of learning how to make money from videos of other channels, thus have your own idea. It is recommended to make videos related to what you are passionate about, not to use tricks to violate copyrights. If you choose to re-upload or use similar tricks, you are still able to make money quickly but not on a long-term.

5. Exchange subscribers, viewers

If your channel is creating money, but doesn’t meet the requirements, then it is able to exchange subscribers. However, having 1000 subscribers is a piece of cake; the important thing is 4000 hours of viewing per year, which is 10 hours per day. You’d better set a real title and thumbnail. If you want to make money on a long term then create your own videos. In addition, for those who exchange subscribers with one another, please do it so properly that Google will not be suspicious. Watch others video until the end then click Subscribe.

6. Working harder and upload video frequency, quality

You should make 1 video per day or 1 video per 3 days (quality videos notice). After that you can increase the amount. Making money from YouTube in 2018 requires a lot of time. Build a plan of regularly uploading your videos in order that subscribers will be quickly notified of the video, take advantage of their view.

Do it in a way that your YouTube channel seems to be useful and contains videos that are worth viewing and many supporters. With YouTube 2018 “make money doesn’t depend on a great number of views, but the adoration of viewers”.

7. Keep following your dream and don’t give up.

Keep following your dream and success will come to you. This is only applicable if you follow what is profitable. If you keep chasing something that is surely cannot bring you success then you are just wasting your time.

Keep following your dream and success will come to you


YouTube is a goldmine that everyone can dig. The thing that matters is your power. Instructions on how to make money from YouTube are everywhere on the Internet. I shall not repeat them. Making money from YouTube in 2018 is harder, not impossible.

Your job is to create a Google account (register for YouTube Partner), log into your new YouTube channel and start to upload the very first. When starting, making only $100 per month from YouTube is already a great success. After you have more knowledge and experiences, your income will no doubt increase, certainly if you have good ideas, upload high quality videos, your income shall surpass $100. You might even earn $1000, even $10,000 per month.

If you want to boost, grow your YouTube channel faster, higher ranking then you can try to buy YouTube views for your videos.

Notice that you need to create videos by yourself (high quality, proper content). Don’t re-upload. You also need to avoid such topics as politics, children (using sexy actor, figure…with unwholesome content) and topics related to war and terrorism, etc. You can make videos about everything, just need to be in accordance with policies and conditions of YouTube.

In general, developing your YouTube channel and making money from advertisements require that you have good contents and attraction along with it. This can be shown by the number of views. Do everything to boost the number of views, which is the best way to develop your YouTube channel.

We wish you success!

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  1. Thanks for your article, it was so insightful and helpful.
    Let me ask for your opinion about my special case as a YouTuber.
    I run a very popular channel (more than 100,000 subs), uploading not copyrighted third-party content (TV and radio news and politics shows), which, for a year now, is not eligible for monetization. [Channel A]
    I also have a much smaller monetized channel with my own protected content as a songwritter. [Channel B]
    Thus, I’m planning to use a 40-second copyrighted sample uploaded to [Channel B] to monetize, in a way, all the videos that I upload on [Channel A].
    Do you think there is something against YouTube Community Guidelines in this practice?

    Thank you!


    • Dinakos, YouTube will still report your content, videos as duplicated. Unless you cut, produce creative videos from old videos (uploaded). It must be different. At least, it’s eligible for monetization. You shouldn’t use duplicate content for 2 channel (fair-use, creativity).


      • Thanks for your reply, but I meant something completely different: My aim is not to monetize the whole channel but to earn revenue from content copyrighted by me used as a jingle in the duplicated videos. I hope I am understood now…


        • Dinakos,

          Yes. If it’s your then that’s okay (it should be < 40-second as you said). It would be better for fair-use (creativity) law of YouTube (avoid duplicated content).


    • Abhay,

      You should link your YouTube channel to GA (this in step 2) before you apply for monetization. YouTube will check all info of your channel (including GA account) when reviewing.


  2. my you tube channel was facing a copyright strike first at my first uploaded video and was closed for 3 months for punishment and viewers were taken and start to wake again and i use it as my channel but now its soon reaching to the monetization condition can it will affect my account or already done for this punishment from you tube partner


    • It’s not problem. You still can make money from your YT channel but you will have to share revenue with 3rd party when it’s showing ads (we recommend you disable monetization with these copyright strike videos when your channel already for monetization)


      • ok thanks bro, sorry for more question please help me what are other methods i can get more subscriber because my chanell are getting more minute( watch time hour) than subscribe which are very slow until now are not yet reach to 1000 subscriber, please help what are method to do.


        • You can use “Call to action” or Notes with Subscribe button into your video. But video content is King. Even when you reach to 1000 subscribers but they don’t watch your videos in the future that’s not good. So everything should be natural. They like then they watch, they like then they subscribe…


  3. Thank for very informative post and very useful for beginner like me. I have one question.
    My Youtube channel is meeting the eligibility criteria too soon (i.e 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours)
    But some of my contents I have uploaded include copyright materials. (But I haven’t had any copyright strike yet)
    Can I apply for monetization with this channel?
    If my channel is not approved, will it affect on my linked AdSense account?
    Waiting your reply,


    • Hi,

      – You can for monetization with your channel but when it’s approved you should to change these videos which included copyright materials to PRIVATE or UNLISTED mocde that would be better.

      – If your YouTube channel is not approved it won’t affect on your linked AdSense account. Don’t worry.


  4. I reached 1K just recently and they did approve me for montetization but my old videos don’t have ads on them. Does this mean only my new videos since being approved can make money?? please help


    • Nikki,

      No. You can make money from your old videos. Because some videos do not match or not suitable for advertising type (advertiser-friendly). So ads is not showing on your videos. And you need to make sure your old video has the right settings (public mode, not third-party claims or restricted content…)

      Hope this helps!


    • Saqib,

      It may be the problem with vidmate snaptube when YouTube is updating. You can try it with other apps, websites… I just tried and it’s still working fine.


  5. Hi, hope u can help….if i take interesting reporting from news/magazine, make a video by paraphrasing the content but use the images & give them credit below video. Is this Ok for yourtube? does it infringe any copyright?


    • Jake,

      What you do that’s okay in common. But we can’t make sure 100% for this. It depends on what you are using with their content (video, images, length, country…). Even when you give them credit in the description of your videos, they still report you. (if we can contact them that would be better to know about their TOS).

      More details, you can read more about fair-use guidelines here:

      So we think you can do them and check it later. An it would be great if you join a YouTube network. They will guarantee for you do that without copyright problem.


  6. Thank you for providing such vital information.

    In the second last paragraph you have mentioned – “You also need to avoid such topics as politics, children education and topics related to war and terrorism, etc.”

    Can you please explain what does children education means?

    Thank you.


    • Rajarshi,

      Perhaps, it’s not clear when we wrote this. We mean that’s videos about the children but using sexy actor, figure (adults, offensive)…unwholesome, not good information. This violates the Youtube rule, even your channel will be reported by parents.


  7. You write everything about youtuber in well mannered. It is very useful and seemed to find the real status of you tube.


    • I have uploaded my 1st video 21 October 2018 but my joining date of YouTube show 2 November 2016…why?

      Will it effect for my monetisation?
      My channel name– Daily IQ with AK


      • Ananda,

        The time you uploaded video and joining date they’re different. For example: you will upload 2nd video and it should be showing the date you uploaded (i.e: 15 Nov 2018)…

        This is right and it’s not effect for your monetization for sure (it’s following threshold: 1000 subscribers + 4,000 hours of watch time).


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