Making Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for Beginner, Newbie)

Making money online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for beginner, newbie)
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Most of the freelancers or marketers know ClickBank. We can earn money online from ClickBank Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online. In this article i will tell you how to make money from ClickBank. After reading this article, you can start earning money from ClickBank by yourself, even you’re a beginner or newbie.

Today, we will talk about Clickbank and how to earn money from it. We think many people know ClickBank. But how it works ? Is it real or not ? Or how much you can earn from it …? Too much questions about Clickbank. We will share our experiences when working with Clickbank in the article below. Let’s go !

1. What is Clickbank?

When visiting the homepage of ClickBank site (, the very first sentence striking your eyes that is “A Global Internet Retailer 200,000,000 customers worldwide and growing“. You can understand ClickBank is an affiliate marketing networkst on global and it’s growing day by day.

For more details, ClickBank is a privately held internet retailer of both physical and digital products (Affiliate System) where affiliates or product owners can use to make some money (this depends on your ability). When someone click on your affiliate links and buy the products then you earn some commissions. This is the way how affiliate can earn money from Clickbank.

To make it simpler, it is vital to understand that Clickbank is an electronic market of digital products (digital products are products serving such online purposes as ebook, softwares, online courses, online marketing tools…), here it is attached 3 kinds:

  • Vendors (Product Creators): are called Product Creators. The products which are on sale on Clickbank are created by others, Clickbank only acts as intermediary. Clickbank has their own products as well.
  • Customers: if there are vendors there are customers, who are in need of products which vendors create
  • Affiliates Partners: are those who can register with Clickbank, advertise products of vendors to customers. With each kind of products, affiliate partners are given specific links to advertise. When customers purchase via those links, affiliate partners will get commissions.

In conclusion Clickbank is where everyone can put their digital products on sale , and everyone can advertise products of other individuals, Clickbank will get small percentages of products, and many products are sold everyday (ten thousands of them) and the sales are undeniably very high.

2. Can we earn money from ClickBank?

First of all, let us take a look at the statistics on Wikipedia (or reviews, information on Google…) Wiki Statistics

If you are a beginner/newbie then just think, based on those numbers and statistics Clickbank could not exist until today if they did not benefit vendors and affiliates.

Taking a look at how Clickbank operates, you can easily find the answer to your question “is it real or not?”. Certainly, we can make money, and being able to earn money or not depends on your aptitude and your skills. Not anyone can earn money easily. What can you do with Clickbank:

  • Vendor (Product Creator): You create products and then find customers who would purchase your products, or look for affiliates who advertise for you and share the commissions, just like your partner. You sell products for me, i will share 50% of commissions with you.
  • Affiliate: If you don’t have the ability to create your own products then you can advertise products of other people. This is a unique characteristic of affiliates . Looking for products is not a difficult thing but how to advertise, get customers and earn money is vital things.

Not everyone is able to do this, being an affiliate is similar to being a marketer. There are people who can do meanwhile others cannot, Clickbank is not a means of making money, but more of a base to make money, acts as intermediary between vendors, affiliates and customers. You will work for yourself, find customers who would purchase the products you advertise but do nothing for Clickbank.

I started Affiliate Marketing in 2015 (it’s too late i think ^^) with the easiest way of making money with Product Launch, which is advertising upcoming products. But i did not succeed in working with Product Launch (on JVZoo site). Actually, i didn’t spend much time for it. At this time, i am focusing on Freelancer jobs (as you know i worked on site since 2011). This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online also. If you don’t know it, you can take a look here. After this, i’ve figured out Clickbank and i like it.

3. How to sign up for Clickbank ?

Registering for Clickbank is quite easy and it’s FREE also. You can go to this link for signing up Clickbank directly (or clicking on Create Account button if you see it on the right corner if you visited this site before). Then you need to fill out the necessary information into these steps.

Clickbank Sign Up Information

And you have already a ClickBank account for yourself.

4. How does Clickbank pay you?

After successfully registering an account in Clickbank by following these steps above. You need to log into your ClickBank account. Then navigate to Settings menu on the right corner and find Payment Information. And click on Edit button on the right side of this section. There appears the Payment Information Editor like screenshot below:

Clickbank Payment Information

– Payment Threshold: When you reach this amount in the Clickbank account then it will pay you, with a minimum of $10. Here i chosen $25 for my payment threshold.

– Payment Method: Clickbank has 2 payment methods:

  • Check: Clickbank will send you a check, then you go to the bank and get your dollars. With this method, you will have to wait a very long time to receive payments (approximately 1 month).
  • Direct Deposit: A fast way to receive money from Clickbank. But it requires an account opened in USA. Therefore Payoneer is the best solution, you can easily open a Payoneer account by following these steps in this article: Open a bank account online with Payoneer for free to transfer money international. After registering you can get a Mastercard Payoneer. When you have Payoneer account this will be more rapid to receive the payments from Clickbank (only a few days). Then you can bring the card to any ATMs in the world to withdraw cash.

– Payment Frequency : you can choose weekly or bi-weekly (as you see i chosen Weekly)

– Direct Deposit Information: the whole section is the information of your Payoneer. This is the bank account information in US (you can find it into Global Payment Service menu on your Payoneer account). You will be provided after successfully registering Payoneer.

Note: here is Bank City (State, Zip) information into Direct Deposit Information section of ClickBank payment information. If you couldn’t find it on your Payoneer account. Then you can get it via Routing Code (Routing (ABA)). You can get it by searching with keywords “your Routing Code + your Bank name” on the search engines (Google, Bing…). For example: you can get Bank City information of FIRST CENTURY BANK by comparing information from the picture below:

Routing Number and Bank City of First Century Bank

5. Finding a great product to promote and create Affiliate Link (Hoplink)

To do this, you click on Marketplace on the top menu. On this page, you can choose products on the categories on the left menu or use the Find Products box (at the upper right) to search by your keywords.

Clickbank Marketplace Products

You’re beginner with Clickbank then you can pay attention to Grav (Gravity) indicator of product. This is important indicator which indicates that product has many affiliate marketers referral for their customers. If this indicator is high, there are many affiliate marketers who are promoting that product. You should choose the product with high Grav this is easier to promote.

When you have already chosen the product to promote then you click on PROMOTE button. This action to open a pop-up (see screenshot below).

Clickbank Affiliate Link with Tracking ID

On this pop-up, you can choose your Tracking ID (ie: may2018) for Affiliate Link (Hoplink). Enter you Tracking ID and click on Create button. After this, you will get your Affiliate Link (copy this link and add it to your landing page to promote product).

Clickbank Affiliate Program with Hoplink

6. How to advertise products to make money on Clickbank

When you already have Affiliate Link (Hoplink), the next step that’s promoting that product. Similar to other ways of Affiliate Marketing, Clickbank also has many other ways to advertise their products. We cannot create and sell our own products on Clickbank so i choose to be an Affiliate. But despite being a vendor or affiliate you still have to advertise your products to potential customers. I will tell you some basic methods to do this:

– Create a website/blog of reviewing products

Being in a customer’s shoe. When in need of purchasing something online, we usually go for Google (or Bing, Baidu…) to find out how people review the products. For example: you are about to take an SEO course, you asked google “where to learn SEO effectively” etc.

So we create a website or blog, then write reviews related to the products. And attach your affiliate links there. When customers purchase the products via your link then you will get commissions. However it is not quite “reviewing” but more of “advertising“, discussing pros and cons just like an introduction. We have not used the product yet, how can we review it?

Creating a blog with WordPress is a piece of cake, no need to have a great knowledge of coding. You can read this article to create your own blog. But how to make our website/blog appear at the top when potential customers search for the keywords this is very hard. This task is called SEO, which you have to work a lot in a great amount of time to be able to appear at the top results of searching. Here are some amazing tips to get more visitors to your blog without invesment this may help you.

– Using Email Marketing to advertise the products

If you want to build a website about a specific topic (your niche) then using email is not to be missed. Basically, when customers read the contents in our website. They have subscribed to our newsletter (you can see this on the sidebar of our blog). Then we will send marketing email with offers, discounts and advertising other products also to their emails.

Tip: You can put a banners or pop-up advertisements on your website/blog that attach Affliate Link. When seeing your advertisement, customers who concern will click on the link to get access to the page. And if they purchase the products, you get the commissions.

– Make use of Video Marketing to advertise products

With this way, you can hire someone who can make a reviewing video of the product you are about to advertise (on Freelancer or Fiverr site…). After getting the video, you can upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion… After that we still have one more difficult step, which is make your video appear on the top when people search for it. It may appear on the top results of Google, Youtube, Vimeo… or other searching tools.

– Using Facebook, Twitter… Marketing

With this method, you need to have a great amount of assets.

  • Firstly, you can build a Facebook fanpage, group or a Twitter account of a specific category (your niche) and attract customers to the page as shown in the third section.
  • Or you can find products which are well sold, high exchange rate and run Facebook, Twitter advertisements targeting on potential customers. This is really good but you it will cost you money. It requires your skill of Facebook, Twitter Ads…
  • Using other Ads Networks (Google, Bing ads…) are also good marketing tools if you know how to make us of.

– Training your skill and inspire creativity

Above are the most common and most used methods to advertise products on Clickbank, there are also a lot more methods that when you exercise, you will learn and come to realization for yourself. Nobody will share with you about their success?

Whatever courses of “making money from Clickbank” that you take , when getting started certainly you will face up against many difficulties, which mainly are your current skills (for example computing skill, computer operation, marketing…) You should learn to use computer efficiently. No need for advanced knowledge but instead a bit of many things (Word, Excel, Photoshop, HTML…) because if you want to make money online, you have to 100% use computers. Thus the more you know about it, the better it is.

Forget about some people who gain hundreds, thousands of dollars every month on Clickbank sharing with you how to make money for free and sell it with you for hundreds or thousands of dollars. Currently i see that there are a lot of “deifying” courses of Clickbank that guarantee the amount of earnings. After finishing the course you can get an amount of money every month. Is this true ? You should know nothing is easy, especially that’s making money field 🙂

However, you will gain knowledge and get more experience from the courses. You just need to learn from the right person. I have purchased a course that’s ClickBank University (CBU) and it is supporting me with how to create info products to sell online. And learn how to market other people’s products via affiliate marketing also (you can Google with keywords “ClickBank University reviews” for more details). It’s like an interesting journey ^_^

Clickbank University Course

Clickbank is a foreign market, if you want to start with ease then start to train yourself first, internet marketing is not a piece of cake. Being creative and practicing the marketing mindset well, because when you sell products on Clickbank you are bringing the products to whom are in need. There are a lot of high quality products with a great number of purchasers, high exchange rate on a Clickbank. And there are also scratches, because Clickbank is merely a market, everyone has the rights to sell their products , how to pick the product and advertise  is an important step.

Don’t give up and enjoy it when get your first dollars from Clickbank.

Clickbank Sales Snapshot

The bottom line

I believe after reading this article, you will have the most general outlook on how to earn money online from Clickbank at the time being. To many beginners, Clickbank might be a new target, a passion for discovering and learning everyday. Clickbank is a really great earning potential system this depends on the success of your marketing.

I wish you success with your online business !

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