How to fix product image upload button missing

product image upload button missing
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In this article, i will tell you 4 solutions to fix the problem with product image upload button missing.

If you’re having problem with product image upload button missing in the backend of Magento (it’s missing “Browse Files” and “Upload Files” buttons and none of the images are showing up – Product Image Uploader broken).

Please try the following solutions to fix that (step by step and stop until its fixed):

Solution 1:

Go to media folder (/media) in the root directory and delete or rename .htaccess file.

Solution 2:

This can be caused by wrong permissions of media folder, so please set CHMOD media folder (/media) to 775 at least (or 777), if this didn’t work please try again to CHMOD all of folders in media folder.

Solution 3:

Check Flash Player is installed in your browser or not. If not then install Flash Player and allow sites to run flash (this on the left of address bar of your browser of you can set up it in Setting of browser).

Fix error by allow flash player on the browser


Solution 4:

Please check if media folder is here or not. If not please copy media folder from default Magento version and put it there (media folder should exist in the following below folders and all of files in it):

  • /skin/adminhtml/default/default
  • /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/system/config/system/storage
  • /js/tiny_mce/plugins/
  • /app/design/adminhtml/default/default/template/


I hope this will help. Leave your comment below.



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