Clear Cache

There are some ways to help you clear cache (Magento store, browsers…)

Clear and fflush the magento cache
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The way to clear the Magento Cache

The cache in Magento is used to load more quickly your store. Therefore, we should be using Magento’s cache management system that is one of the easy way to speed up your Magento site. When the cache system is enabled, you have to clear the cache before applying any changes/modifications/configurations… There are 2 ways of clearing Magento cache – automatically (in the […]

Clear/warming up/reload the cache
Magento Others Tips & Tricks

Magento with clear/warming up/reload the cache file

This file will help you clear/warming up/reload your Magento cache and you also can use it to fix error “front controller reached 100 router match iterations”, please copy code and save it as a .php file then upload it to root directory and run by: : $path = getenv(“MAGE_PATH”); if (!file_exists($path)) { $path = dirname(__FILE__) . ‘/app/Mage.php’; } require_once($path); […]

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