10 Most Common Magento Issues and How to Fix

10 Most Common Magento Issues and How to Fix
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When setting up on Magento 1 and Magento 2 version, users or developers may be getting several problems that are quick to handle if they know the right processes. Some are quite intricate to address however, if you have solutions documented, you can well timed solve the most typical difficulties.

This article will show you 10 most common issues on Magento and how you can investigate and fix them efficiently.

Issue 1: Configuring Magento with a new domain

Suppose that your Magento is configured with www.old-domain.com and you want to edit the area to www.new-domain.com.

How to fix:

To begin with, navigate to MySQL Supervisor, pick out your databases, locate the core_config_data table and click on on it.

In the core_config_data table, you can locate web/secure/base_url, web/unsecure/base_url fields. Then change your outdated domain name with a new domain name in value column 1 and click on on the Go button to save your changes.

Change domain name in magento db

Issue 2: Your Magento store is running slow

Lots of challenges in the Magento retail outlet are because of to the weak overall performance of the web page. To explain, you can improve the performance of the web site to tide above these issues.

How to fix:

  • Upgrade Magento to latest version

This is a single of the most straightforward approaches to pace up Magento 2 nevertheless drives very good success. Each time Magento launches a new variation, the functionality and other tweaks (like safety patches and bug fixes) will be enhanced substantially.

  • Use Varnish Cache

Varnish Cache or Full Page Cache is an amazing created-in function of Magento 2 that lets you simplify the course of action of sending requests to the server from your web site. Hence, activating Varnish Cache will support reduce your website’s reaction time, contributing to a more rapidly loading time.

  • Optimize/Compress Javascript and CSS

You can lessen the amount of separate CSS and Javascript files by merging them into a single and condensed file. This purpose will help to produce a continuous stream of textual content, with line breaks eliminated. You can do it in Magento backend configuration or use some Magento plugin to do that.

  • Use CDN service for Images/Product Images…
  • Buid and Use a Strong Server

Issue 3: Reset admin password

Commonly, you occasionally forget your admin password. However, don’t fear you can reset your admin password anytime you want.

How to do:

As a Magento developer, if you want to have a fast and easy way to reset your Magento admin password, go to your phpMyAdmin or MySQL Manager, then decide on your Magento database and go to the admin_consumer desk. Switch your previous password with a new one. Remember that you enter the password in the MD5 purpose.

In Magento 2 version, you can use SSH Terminal and run a command to create a new admin user/password:

php bin/magento admin:user:create –admin-user=dev –admin-password=Admin@123 –[email protected] –admin-firstname=Dev –admin-lastname=Dev

Issue 4: Access Denied

Magento “Access Denied” problem happens as you do not get authorization to access the web pages or apps. Some common clarification for these problems are:

  • Wrong role assignment when creating a new user
  • Wrong admin user or password login info
  • Privileges needed for new extensions

It’s critical for you to log out, log in to your Magento account, and reset the admin privileges. If you still are not able to get it, consider these methods.

What should you do:

  • Wrong role assignment when creating a new user

When which include a new person from the admin panel, it’s achievable to ignore to assign a purpose. In this circumstance, you need to navigate to  System >> Permissions >> All User click on the user roles and accurate the entry appropriate.

User roles
  • Wrong admin login data

The most well known rationale for “Access Denied” is incorrect details when logging in to the admin panel. If you endeavor to signal out and log in again but nevertheless can’t entry it, implement the command beneath to reset the password:

UPDATE admin_user Set password = MD5(‘PASSWORD’) In which username = ‘USERNAME’

  • Privileges required for new extensions

It transpires that when retail store admins involve a new Magento extension by means of the downloader and go to the configuration configurations of this extension, they will possible satisfy the “Access Denied” issue. As Magento does not mechanically update the privileges of new extensions, you had better reset your admin privileges.

From the Magento dashboard, navigate to System > Permissions >> Roles >> Click Administrator Role >> Role Resources >> Set it to All >> Save Role

Save Role

Issue 5: Search Engine Friendly URLs Problem

Using Magento 2, you have the skill to allow the URL rewrites and Web Server Apache Rewrites that allow you take out the file name “index.php” in your URL.

As you see, this exceptional built-in feature removes text that impart practically nothing of worth to research engines or consumers. Consequently, all URLs will become additional helpful with equally lookup engines and buyers.

How to fix:

Step 1: Inside the Admin sidebar, navigate to Stores >> Settings >> Configuration.

Step 2: In the still left panel in which General is expanded, pick out Web.

URL options

Step 3: Setup for Url Options, and click on Save Config button.

Issue 6: 301 Redirections problem

301 redirect usually means permanently major the IP to the new handle. Aside from, this functionality also permits you to rewrite the URL. Consequently, it will make your net retail store much more net-structured and Search engine optimization-optimized.

Solution 1:

There are typically two ways to crank out a 301 redirect for your website.

Make 301 redirect working with .htaccess: Look for for the code in your .htaccess

  • If Module mod_rewrite.c
  • Enable rewrites
  • Options + FollowSymlinks
  • RewriteEngine on

Then use redirect URLs:

  • Redirect 301 old_url new_url
  • Urls use relative paths

Ie: redirect 301 /about-us.html /about.html

Then test the old URL to see the final result.

Solution 2:

In Admin Panel, you can navigate to: Marketing >> SEO & Search >> URL Rewrites and choose Add URL Rewrites to redirect whatever URLs you want to a new.

Issue 7: Magento customer groups problem

Magento allows you to assign customers into a group and manage store actions primarily based on which group a consumer belongs to. Exclusively, you can assign tax or status (General, Not Logged In, and Wholesale) for a team to attain improved control of your prospects.

How to do:

Step 1: From the Admin sidebar, navigate to Customers>Customer Groups

Customer groups

Step 2: Choose Add New Customer Group.

Step 3: Enter your group name.

Step 4: Select the Tax Class that applies to the groups.

Step 5: Choose Excluded Websites you want to exclude.

Step 6: Click on Save Customer Group button.

Save Customer Group

Issue 8: The 503 error

The 503 temporarily error on Magento is of the most common Magento issue, which means an on line service is quickly unavailable to people. This is notably frequent anytime you check out to set up Magento 2 extensions.

There are two things what you can try:

  • The problem with your hosting/server: No way, you need to contact your hosting/server support to ask this.
  • Your store is running in maintenance mode: To disable maintenance mode, you need to navigate to the Magento root installation, find the “maintenance.flag” file (in Magento 2 version it’s located in: /var diretory), and remove it by using FTP client or File Manager.

Maybe, you need to clear/flush cache then.

Issue 9: Admin account session timeout

Magento set time limit for admin user account. You will be logging out automatically when you’re spending a period of time. To change this interval, you can navigate to: Stores >> Settings >> Configuration >> Advanced >>Admin >> Security, Change parameter for Admin Session Lifetime field. Then click on Save Config button as the screenshot below:


Issue 10: Magento 2 Error “An error has happened during application run. See exception log for details”

Sometime, you will get this problem when accessing your store. This problem is caused by running commands (by using Command Line Interface – CLI) that’s not completed. To fix issue, you can navigate to Magento root installation by using SSH Terminal (CLI) and try to run some commands as below:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade
php bin/magento setup:di:compile
php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f
php bin/magento cache:flush

Otherwise, you can check the problem with:

  • Missing required PHP extensions
  • Wrong command when running
  • Run product mode without flushing cache


It is undeniable that nothing at all is perfect. Each and every application has its share of glitches and troubles that can be tackled when the appropriate treatments are applied. Prior to you come to a decision to make any improvements in the main code, please ensure that you are acquainted with the coding setting in Magento.

We hope this article will assist you debug and fix your Magento store issues. Thanks for reading!

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